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Dr. Laurie Mintz 9-29-17

Evening Event with Meredith Sinclair

You’re invited to the Los Angeles launch of on January 20th featuring an organic dinner from True Food Kitchen, Organic Wine, and of course, an organically natural Good Time! This exclusive empowering evening with  Meredith Sinclair is limited attendance so grab your positive-minded girlfriends and order tickets while they last! 

“All Work & No Play Means Mama Ain’t Happy...
And Ain’t NoBody Happy Then!” 

Play Expert, Author, and Super-Fun Mom & Today Show Contributor Meredith Sinclair joins us for dinner to uncover and unsabotage ourselves from our barriers to play and having more fun in our everyday lives despite our sometimes long & overwhelming, never-ending to-do lists. What if we goofed off more and managed less?? Would our world fall apart?? Meredith says a resounding “NO!” In fact, our lives just might take off in a whole new miraculously delicious direction--and we’d be happier for it and thus, everyone around us could be happier too! When we push playfulness off to the sidelines, we often spend our days in digital addiction, zoning out at our jobs and from our relationships. When there’s no play, there’s increased anxiety, bouts of depression, loneliness, & fatigue. Meredith will share the enlightening brain research that demonstrates why the daily practice of play is so vitally important to our well-being and give us direction on re-awakening our inner child and inviting her out to play for a fabulous 2018! 

Evening Itinerary,  January 20, 2018

6:00 - 6:30 pm   Arrive and meet Meredith

6:30 - 7:15 pm   Delicious organic dinner

7:15 - 8:15 pm   45 Minute interactive presentation including Q & A time

8:15 - 8:30 pm    Get your copy of Well Played  autographed

$100 per person.  Limited spots available.  Reserve now! 

Email to make your reservation!

This event is being held in a private home Pasadena.

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