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Happy Women Dinners is the brainchild of food writer, gourmet cook, and publicist Jill Daniel.  Jill has spent two decades writing about, celebrating, and preparing stand-out healthy and delicious food.  As a food writer Jill wrote about food from one coast of the country to the other. 

Jill introduced wonderful authors and books to the world in her decade as a publicist.  In this role, time and again she saw that groups were empowered by learning from amazing authors.   At the same time, she thought she could bring even more to these events. 

With Happy Women Dinners, Jill has brought together fantastic food and speakers with a focus on women.  Happy Women Dinners events are held in intimate settings, and limited to small groups of women.


What could be better? We invite you to join Happy Women Dinners for an event near you!  

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