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Dr. Laurie Mintz 9-29-17

Events with Lori Gottlieb

Join us for a memorable event with NY Times Bestselling Author Lori Gottlieb .
Sunday, March 1st, 2020 (Space still available):
Brunch in Pacific Palisades

Maybe You Should TALK to Someone

When a psychotherapist suddenly finds her life in upheaval, what happens to her ability to care for her patients and for herself in the face of a devastating loss?

With startling wisdom and humor, Gottlieb invites us into her world as both clinician and patient, examining the truths and fictions we tell ourselves and others as we teeter on the tightrope between love and desire, meaning and mortality, guilt and redemption, terror and courage, hope and change. 

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is rev­olutionary in its candor, offering a deeply per­sonal yet universal tour of our hearts and minds and providing the rarest of gifts: a boldly reveal­ing portrait of what it means to be human, and a disarmingly funny and illuminating account of our own mysterious lives and our power to transform them.

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Sample Excerpts, Wisdom, & Quotes from
Maybe You Should Talk to Someone:


“Telling somebody you’re a psychotherapist often leads to a surprised pause, followed by awkward questions like these: “Oh, a therapist! Should I tell you about my childhood?” Or “Can you help me with this problem with my mother-in-law?” Or “Are you going to psychoanalyze me?” (The answers, by the way, are “Please, don’t”; “Possibly”; and “Why would I do that here? If I were a gynecologist, would you ask if I was about to give you a pelvic exam?”)

If you go through life picking and choosing, if you don’t recognize that “the perfect is the enemy of the good” you may deprive yourself of joy.

I’ll bet you could name five truly difficult people off the top of your head right now-some you assiduously avoid, others you would assiduously avoid if they didn’t share your last name. But sometimes—more often than we tend to realize—those difficult people are us. That’s right—sometimes hell is us. Sometimes we are the cause of our difficulties. And if we can step out of our own way, something astonishing happens.

A therapist will hold up a mirror to patients, but patients will also hold up a mirror to their therapists. Therapy is far from one-sided; it happens in a parallel process. Every day, our patients are opening up questions that we have to think about for ourselves. If they can see themselves more clearly, through our reflections, we can see ourselves more clearly through theirs. This happens to therapists when we’re providing therapy, and it happens to our own therapists too. We are mirrors reflecting mirrors reflecting mirrors, showing one another what we can’t see.

Lori Gottlieb is a psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author of Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, which is being adapted as a television series with Eva Longoria. In addition to her clinical practice, she writes The Atlantic‘s weekly “Dear Therapist” advice column and contributes regularly to The New York Times. She is a sought-after expert in media such as The Today Show, Good Morning America, The CBS Early Show, CNN, and NPR’s “Fresh Air.”  Learn more at or by following her @LoriGottlieb1 on Twitter.  

All tickets include a signed copy of Lori's Book, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone,
plus dinner or brunch and Lori's interactive  presentation.

Brunch Event Schedule

12:00 - 12:30 pm

Arrival and Book Signing


12:30 - 1:15 pm  

Delicious Organic Brunch


1:15 - 2:30 pm    

Interactive Presentation and Q & A with Lori Gottlieb

Reserve Today!

$100 per person.  Space limited to 40 women.  Reserve now! 

Email to make your reservation!

Each event is being held in a private home in Pacific Palisades.

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