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Dr. Laurie Mintz 9-29-17

Join us for a special dinner event with Clinical Psychologist and Author Dr. Leah Katz.

Thursday, August 18th, in Portland


Mindfulness Practices for Everyday Bravery

"Without boldness, you can't live the life you want. Gutsy is a fresh perspective on ways to live the happiest, boldest, most self-loving and compassionate life we all deserve."
--Emma Seppälä, PhD, Author of The Happiness Track and Science Director of the Stanford University Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education

Book cover Gutsy.jpeg

Western society too often trains women out of feeling innately confident in who we are and in the wisdom we hold inside. Instead, we are handed down a set of expectations about our bodies, our disposition, our religious identification, our sexual orientation, our mothering, and our career choices.

Dr. Leah Katz draws on her training as a psychologist and her experience leaving an ultra-Orthodox Jewish faith and culture to offer tools and insights for getting "unstuck" from society's unrealistic and often harmful expectations for women that we have adopted as our own.

By learning to identify what is holding us back, and adopting a mindset of joy, gratitude, and resilience, we can fulfill our dreams--and, really, fulfill ourselves. It's time to get gutsy and create the rich, vibrant life we have always wanted.


"Dr. Leah Katz beautifully weaves together her experience as a psychologist, the practice of mindfulness, and her own life story to help those feeling stuck and wanting to create forward movement in their lives."

--Natalie Jill, Author of Natalie Jill's 7-Day Jump Start


"Gusty is relatable, smart, and filled with real tools for how to work through anxiety and use mindfulness to show up as your most authentic self. I know this book will help so many."

--Amanda E. White, LPC, Author of Not Drinking Tonight and Creator of @therapyforwomen

"Leah Katz has nailed what it takes to be gutsy from the inside out. This book is set against the backdrop of Katz's personal journey of self-discovery and healing, offering potent vignettes that enliven the process of cultivating 'gutsiness.' Gutsy is a love letter to women finding their way to themselves."

--Jennifer Nurick, Clinical Psychotherapist, Energetic Healer, Founder of Psychotherapy Central, and President of the International Energetic Healing Association

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$100 per person
Registration includes dinner, a signed copy of Gutsy, and a facilitated interactive conversation with Leah.

Event Schedule
This event is being held at a private home in Portland.)

6:30 - 7:30 pm
Book-Signing and Dinner

7:30 - 8:30 pm    

Interactive Q & A with Dr. Leah Katz

Space limited to 35 women. 
Fully-Vaccinated and Boosted Attendees Welcome. 
Reserve now! Email to make your reservation!

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