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Dr. Laurie Mintz 9-29-17

Dinner Event with Jennifer Pastiloff

You are invited to dinner on August 8th with Jennifer Pastiloff, best-selling author of: On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real, And Listening Hard.  This event will be held in a private home in Los Angeles.

On Being Human

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Jennifer Pastiloff is the best-selling author of On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Leaving Real, And Listening Hard. She travels the world with her unique workshop On Being Human, a hybrid of yoga-related movement, writing, sharing aloud, letting the snot fly, and the occasional dance party. Jennifer is a frequent contributor to SHAPE Magazine, including SHAPE Escape at Miraval Resort and the Women Run the World initiative, and she has been featured on Good Morning America, People, New York Magazine, Health Magazine, CBS News, and others for her unique style of teaching, which she has taught to thousands of women in sold-out workshops all over the world. Jen is also the guest speaker at Canyon Ranch, and she leads Writing and The Body workshops with author Lidia Yuknavitch, as well as retreats with Emily Rapp Black.  Founder of the online magazine  The Manifest-Station,  when Jen is not traveling she is based in Los Angeles with her husband and son and a cup of coffee. She is deaf without her hearing aids and is a master reader of lips and a self-professed dork. 

Reviews for From On Being Human: A Memoir of Waking Up, Living Real, And Listening Hard :

"With harrowing vulnerability and badass candor, Jen Pastiloff has written a gritty and passionate memoir."

– Elizabeth Gilbert, New York Times bestselling author of Eat, Pray, Love, City  of Girls,  and The Signature of All Things

“On Being Human is beautiful and tender, profound and absorbing. I never wanted to put it down. This is a book friends will tell friends they have to read for years to come. It’s an important, enthralling debut.”

– Cheryl Strayed, New York Times bestselling of Wild, Tiny Beautiful Things, Brave Enough and Torch, a Novel


"On Being Human is heartbreaking and triumphant. And it has plenty to teach us about listening, forgiving, and ultimately, finding peace." 

“In On Being Human, Jennifer Pastiloff shares the story of how she left her 13-year waitressing job to become a yoga teacher, despite her fears about her inexperience. These days, she's a widely-regarded and beloved speaker, and in her memoir, she tracks her inspirational journey from a life of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness to one of contentment, gratitude, and bravery.”
—Bustle, “21 New Memoirs That Will Inspire, Motivate, And Captivate You This Summer.”

“[A] powerful account of hearing loss and learning to communicate in a new way—through yoga, gratitude and radical honesty.”
—People, “The Best New Books”

“Centered around touchstone stories that she shares in her workshops, Pastiloff tells the story about how one can battle their own demons to grow into the person they were always meant to be.”
—, “20 beach reads you won't want to put down”

Itinerary,  August 8, 2019

6:00 - 6:30 pm

Arrival and Book Signing


6:30 - 7:30 pm  

Delicious Organic Dinner


7:30 - 8:30 pm    

Interactive Presentation and Q & A


$100 per person.  Space limited to 45 women.  Reserve now! 

Email to make your reservation!

This event is being held at a private home in the Los Angeles area.

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