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Dr. Laurie Mintz 9-29-17

Evening Event with Dr. Judith Orloff

You're invited to an illuminating dinner, talk, & discussion  with New York Times Bestselling Author Dr. Judith Orloff on September 29, 2018.

The Empath's Survival Guide:
Life Strategies for Sensitive People

What are the characteristics of being an empath and how does this affect you in daily life?  Come learn more about the sensitivities of being empathic in this evening of exploration and teachings to have your sensitive qualities work for you rather than against you.

Answer the following questions with a yes and it's likely you are an empath. 

  • Do arguments or yelling make me ill?

  • Do I absorb other people’s stress, emotions, or symptoms?

  • Do I need a long time to recuperate after being with difficult people or energy vampires? 

  • Do I react strongly to caffeine or medications? 

  • Do I replenish myself in nature? 

  • Do I have a history of being in relationships with narcissists?

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Empaths Survival Cover.jpg

Dr. Orloff is accomplishing for psychiatry what physicians like Dean Ornish and Mehmet Oz have done for mainstream medicine — she is proving that the links between physical, emotional, and spiritual health can’t be ignored. Dr. Orloff is a New York Times bestselling author and is on the UCLA psychiatric clinical faculty. She specializes in treating empaths and sensitive people in her Los Angeles based private practice. She has spoken at medical schools, hospitals, the American Psychiatric Association, Google-LA, Fortune Magazine’s Most Powerful Women’s Summit, and alternative and traditional health forums — venues where she presents practical intuitive tools to doctors, patients, and everyday people. In response to her work, The Los Angeles Times calls Dr. Orloff “a prominent energy-based healer.”

Evening Itinerary,  September 29, 2018

6:00 - 6:30
Arrive, Meet Dr. Orloff, Book-Signing

6:30 -7:15

Delicious Organic Dinner

7:15 - 8:30

Dr. Orloff Talk, Q & A session

8:30 - 9:15

Group Discussion

All guests receive a signed copy of Judith's book, dinner and a glass of wine, a facilitated talk and group discussion with Dr. Orloff.  Tickets for this event are limited to 25 women.


Price $100. Limited spots available.  Reserve now! 

Email to make your reservation!

This event will be held at a private home in Brentwood in Los Angeles.
Address will be sent to you upon confirmation of your ticket order.

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